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The air quality in your city leaves a lot to be desired
Road transport, industry, construction, natural dust, dirty energy generation, fuel combustion, sea salt, desert sand are major sources of air pollutant emissions and are also companions of most cities around the world. The negative impact of poor environmental conditions on human life and health is an established fact.
You don't understand what the gas levels in the air outside your window mean.
A huge number of outdoor air quality services are available. But questions can often arise - what do these numbers mean? How critical are the values of airborne pollutants and nitrogen oxide? Some services and devices have an indications. But it still remains unclear what does the red light on the device mean to each of us personally?
You want to protect your health and ensure the harmonious development of your children
The health and harmonious development of children is an absolute challenge for everyone. Reducing health risks and creating the conditions for more productive learning and skills development is now becoming a high priority for parents and childcare facilities.
We make the language of numbers into the language of well-being and mood
Djinn AI expert system with visualisation, notifications and automation of engineering systems will help you better understand your particular environmental situation.
We offer the best experience of being active in challenging environmental conditions.
A monitoring and risk assessment system created by doctors, environmental experts and data scientists can help you improve your quality of life and reduce your family's health risks.
We build with you a system of safety, preventing threats to your health at home and at work
Forewarned is forearmed. A smart dashboard with clear graphs, push notifications to email or messenger, a chatbot - these are the tools for you to create a safe place to live.
Measuring and assessing
Building an environment and safety system
Knowledge formation
Extending experience through the community
The AI in Djinn builds on user feedback. In addition to the use of objective data from environmental quality measuring devices, due to answering questions in a chatbot, using wearable devices connected to the platform, the system learns to understand personal situations and conditions and generates personalized advice, recommendations and alerts.

The goal is to improve customer life and well-being through changes in life experience (daily routine, selection of household chemicals, practice of household appliances such as humidifiers, outdoor air filtration units).

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