For business. Challenges
Creating a safe workplace to reach the maximum performance of employees
Generating extra revenues by providing an additional service to your clients
Reducing the cost of employee absences due to sickness
Creation of innovation for customers, and a healthy environment allows us to retain and attract valuable expertise
The goals of using AI in Djinn Expert System are:
- the success of employees in performing tasks;
- reduction of missing days due to illness;
- good health and mood of the employee at the workplace

Data & Feedback
Measurements of the quality of the environment are used as objective data. For feedback, we use: questionnaires, chatbot support, data from wearable devices
PM & HR Integration
Monitoring of results takes place in the Project Management System and in the Human Resource Management system
BMS Integration
Djinn AI generates events for flexible tuning up of HVAC and other Building Management systems. Access is provided through APIs, reports, alerts and notifications

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