For partners
We have included a large number of sensors and trackers from worldwide manufacturers on our platform. We are constantly reviewing and integrating a new devices. This approach guarantees the current high technological level.

List of integrated and recommended devices available on request below
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The customer gets a huge amount of data from your air quality sensors.
You are doing a great job of visualizing the data.
It's time to take the next step to Analytics, Predictions and Knowledge by applying a subscription model to long-term value services
Djinn Expert service works based on 3-rd party data suppliers. Djinn EI evaluates dirty air hazards to measurable human productivity level and health risks, gives commands and recommendations, supports practice exchange

You have the option of connecting our service with a white label scheme

White-labeling allows for better business growth and partnership with other businesses. All in all, it appears to be a positive interaction and a near way for both parties to be successful. Some reasons of the white label way:
  • Easy to own brand shift
  • Light level investment
  • No prior skills required
  • In-demand product and features
  • Fast deployment
  • Ready support and development
  • Financially-rewarding
  • Actual market and on-time business mode
  • Keeps your customers happier
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